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Bronson Lace

Bronson Lace is another block weaving pattern, like summer and winter.  Because of this, it is an easy design to visualize.  When I picked out the colors for this piece, I must have still been thinking of the colors for the baby’s room, because I came home with yellow, purple and pink (though I decided to nix the yellow later).

This is the pattern I designed:

Bronson Lace Block design

You can easily see the pattern in the finished piece:

Bronson Lace Detail

One thing I didn’t realize when designing this is the lace can be seen easier if there is more than one block together.  With the way I did it, the actual lace is a bit hard to see because the blocks just kind of collapse on themselves.  If I had put blocks next to each other, you would see more spaces.  Luckily I still really like how this piece looks, and I plan on making a longer one to use as a sash/headband.  Maybe I will even reconsider using the yellow…


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Mike's Scarf, Detail

This is my latest weaving project I’ve been working on…a long, warm scarf for Mike!  Somehow I missed the fact that the colors are very reminiscent of the 70’s, but I still love the scarf, and more importantly, so does Mike!

I used a super soft bamboo cotton blend, and wove it in a zig-zag twill.  I am still deciding how to finish the ends…right now they have about 8″ of fringe hanging off them…not so good for a men’s scarf!

I hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend! 

Mike's Scarf

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Detail of Sofa Pillow

One of the many pieces of advice I have heard everywhere regarding the pregnancy is to get myself a body pillow.  I heard this from so many people and read it in so many books that a few months ago I decided that I could not live without one and picked one up at Target.  Unfortunately the body pillow was not my passport to comfort and deep sleep.  These people and books all forgot to mention the other thing that comes with a body pillow…extreme heat!  And I already feel like my body temperature is about 10 degrees above normal.

But oh well.  It was worth the try.  I found another great use for the body pillow when I took it out to my living room and found that it fit the back of my sofa just about perfectly.  Mike and I tried sitting on the sofa with the pillow behind us, and it was oh so comfortable! 

I covered the pillow with some fabulous fabric that I found shopping at the Los Angeles Fashion district (yellow, of course, and only $2 a yard!!) while visiting family.  One of these days my living room is going to go into yellow overload, but maybe I can squeeze just a tiny bit more of my favorite color into it…

I made up the pattern for the pillow as I went along.  I measured the length and width, and cut the front rectangle from that measurement.  For the back, I divided the length in 2 and added a couple inches, and overlapped the pieces to make an envelope style closure.

Sofa Pillow

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My weaving class was cancelled last night, but I was still able to complete my project.  And, even more amazing, I was able to settle on a project in the first place!  I chose to weave a light-weight warm weather scarf/wrap.  I chose fairly neutral (of course!), warm colors in a cotton/linen blend.  The scarf is a bit less soft than I would like, probably due to the linen.  I’m hoping that when I wash it will get a bit softer in the dryer.

One thing I really love about weaving is the relatively short amount of time it takes to complete a project.  When I compare this to knitting, I am so impressed by the speed!  A scarf of this size could take me a couple of weeks to finish (or a few months!)  but weaving I was able to finish it in a couple days.  I’m sure that people who really know their way around a loom could make this even faster.

My only complaint with weaving is the number it does on my preggo back.  I don’t really have a table that is at the right height, so I have to bend over to do the weaving.  On the one hand, those muscles must be getting pretty strong.  On the other, getting out of bed in the morning, not so great.  Anyhow, I suppose its worth it, and I can’t wait for my next assignment!

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A Little Lacy Cap


I completed this little project a long time ago, before I ever got into knitting.  I was experimenting with crochet, yarn weights, and hook sizes.  This cap seems pretty small when it isn’t on my head, but it is very stretchy, so it actually fits quite nicely.  I didn’t do much crochet before I decided to switch to knitting, though.  It seems that you can do so much more with knitting than you can with crochet.  As of late however, I have been thinking a bit more about getting back into crochet.  I would love to use the techniques to put some lovely delicate detail on some of my clothes.

Do you crochet or knit?  Do you do both?  Which do you prefer, and for what projects?

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Hello!  I was thinking this morning after reading a comment left by Pink Tulip about not being as far along in making clothes as she would like.  I can really relate to that…I have definitely not sewn as many items as I would have liked so far this season.  Autumn is fast approaching, and I can feel the cold weather on the way, but I have nothing to wear!  I decided that I would put together all the items that I would like to make for myself this season.  I have chosen pictures that most closely represent what I would like to make, though of course I will be making my own stylistic changes to each item as I go along.  If you are having trouble getting started on making your own clothes, I feel your pain!  Take a small step towards building your wardrobe by scouring the internet and patterns at a fabric store to prioritize what you want to make for yourself.

  1. Shirt  dress – Eek!  I can’t find a reference for this dress…anyone recognize it? – In progress
  2. Bold Bag, Anthro, sold out
  3. Chuncky  Asymetrical Necklace, Anthro
  4. Pleated feminine Tunic, Anthro
  5. Long sweater, Anthro, sold out
  6. Jersey dress, JCrew
  7. Colorful, metallic scarf, Anthro
  8. Pencil skirt, Anthro, sold out
  9. Delicate necklace, JCrew
  10. Skinny Jeans Anthro, sold out
  11. Bold dress, AnthroDone!
  12. Striped Jersey Scarf, JCrew

I am noticing a lack of warm clothing.  I think I might have to make a blazer or two to layer over all these things.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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I have been meaning to post the instructions for my grill tool carrier for a while now.  I know that we have just about reached the end of summer, but if you happen to live in a place where your winter is just ending, or you have year round sunshine, this is a great little gift to make.  Mike has been using his all the time, and I know we will use it well into the winter for some snow storm grilling!  The best part about it?  It takes very little time to put together. 

Download the Instructions for the Grill Tool Carrier to get started!

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