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Wrap top

Over the weekend I was looking for a quick project that I could post about, and ran across this free pattern by Megan Nielsen that I had bookmarked a few weeks ago.  I had some purple jersey fabric left over from another project, just enough to whip it up!

How I wish I had made this top months ago!  I love that it doesn’t matter how much bigger my belly grows, it will keep fitting!  That also means that it fits my rule for maternity clothes: I want to be able to wear it both before and after the baby is born with minimal altering.  It seems like such a waste to spend time making a top that, at this point, I could only wear for another 8 weeks!  Pardon me while I go and freak out for a minute…

As the date for baby’s arrival gets closer and closer, I am finding myself nesting more and more.  I spent the better part of the last two weekends cleaning, purging, and organizing.  It has helped that it is finally starting to feel like spring around here, and I can partially blame my frenzy on the “Spring Cleaning” bug.  Hmm, maybe this is how I freak out?

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Kimono Pj's detail

After my mixed experience with the “Easy” Empire Waist top pattern by Amy Butler, I was a bit wary of trying any more of her patterns.  I kept looking through the book, though, and could not resist giving one more pattern a try.  I made a promise to myself before I began that I would trust my instincts, and if the instructions did not seem right, I would do what I thought I should do instead of blindly following.

I am so happy that I tried out this pattern for the Kimono PJ’s.  It was much easier to follow, and I only had to rip out one seam (my fault, not hers)!!  What is even better, is I was able to complete this project in one day.  It was very exciting!

I chose a rich, soft, brown linen for the main fabric for these pj’s.  I wanted to use a natural, breathable material that could be worn in multiple seasons, since I have no idea how big my friend’s baby is going to be, or when he will fit into this outfit.  The trim is an Echino cotton double gauze (mine is the blue, not the purple, but I could not find the exact fabric I used online).  I have used other prints in the double gauze and I just love how soft it is!  Perfect for lying against a small baby’s skin.

I loved sewing this pattern so much, that I am already planning on what fabrics to use for a set for my little one.

Kimono Pj's

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Empire Waist Top Detail 

I received Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones this past Christmas from my sister-in-law, and have since looked through it nearly every night, planning projects for our little one.  One of the first pattern’s I tabbed was this Easy Empire Waist top.  I love that the top is obviously a girl’s top, without being too frilly.  When I stumbled on some Anna Maria Horner Little Folks fabric at my local fabric shop, I knew it was time to start working on this.  I bought the contrasting blue fabric at JoAnn’s a while back.  It matches the blue in the Little folks fabric perfectly, and I love the contrast between the geometric and floral patterns.

I would not exactly call this pattern “easy”.  The directions were a bit confusing to me at times, though I suppose I am used to seeing patterns in more of a “tutorial” layout with pictures as well as descriptions.  I had to rip out a few seams, but all in all, I am very happy with the way this little project turned out.  Also, I’m not sure I would call this a top…it seems more like a dress to me…

The original pattern has long sleeves, which I decided to leave off.  Instead I chose to make some binding from the contrasting fabric to make the dress more summer friendly.  Now that I got the hang of it, I may just have to make a second!

Empire Waist Top

A little bit more about the book…Many of the projects are really darling, and I would make nearly every one of them.  However, there are not as many clothing projects as I would have liked.  Many of the projects are for room decor and toys.  Also while there are a few clothing projects, many of them can pretty much only be used for girls.  There are two dresses and one hat for a girl, as well as another hat, some pj’s, and booties that could be used for either a boy or a girl.  Also, as I said earlier, the instructions can be a bit confusing at times because there are not many pictures of the process, but if you are really experienced in pattern reading this might not bother you at all.

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As my belly gets bigger, I have less and less clothes that fit me.  Both buying and making maternity clothes seems like such a waste to me sometimes, since I will only be able to wear the clothes for a few short months.  Because of this, I have started planning clothing projects that I will be able to wear while pregnant, and also after I have the baby.

I found the free pattern for this top on Burda Style.  I like the loose-fitting style, and the fact that it is made with knit fabric instead of woven.  To accomodate my tummy, I added about 4 inches to the length of the top so that as I get further along, I will not be showing skin along the bottom.  After I give birth, I will likely bring the bottom hem up again.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily this project came together.  I was also happy with the fit.  There was only one size given with the pattern but I decided to go for it anyways, and it ended up fitting perfectly.  I also like that it hides the size of my belly a bit…at least when you are looking from the front.  I think I will end up making a couple more of these shirts because of how great the fit is.

On a side note, can you believe that I am wearing a tank outside in the winter!?  The weather here has been very mild.  I think someone must have heard my wish for less snow a couple months ago!

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Baby Sweater

Baby Sweater Detail

Many of you know that there was another change that I was able to kick off the new year with…the Little One Mike and I are expecting to join us in just a few short (or maybe really long…?) months!  I started a baby sweater out of some yarn that my dear Holiday Gift Exchange partner sent to me.  The pattern I used coupled with the yarn color makes a gender neutral combo that I hope will translate well to either a boy or a girl.

Baby Sweater

But as all us crafters know, tragedy can strike our creations at any point in the process.  Halfway through I realized that I was using 8.0mm needles instead of the US8 needles!!  The sweater would probably fit a 2 year old right now.  Needless to say, I will start from the beginning, because I just can’t not make this cute little sweater.  One positive outcome of this whole mess is I was originally knitting this in the newborn size, but have since decided to make the next size up.  The baby will be born in June, just before the heat of summer begins in Colorado, so this might be a gift better suited for fall weather.  Besides, maybe then the sweater will last a bit longer by rolling up/down the sleeves.  I would like to get as much use out of this as I can.

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I feel like I might be a little bit behind the times, as legging have been in style for quite a few months already.  Better late than never, though, right?  I found this great free pattern by Shelby Kaava via Burda Style.  The pattern was so easy to follow, and so quick to put together, that I was able to search for and purchase fabric, cut out pattern, and sew everything together in one evening.

One thing I regret not doing was measuring the length of my legs and comparing the measurement with the pattern. My legs are pretty short, so I just assumed that the pattern would be plenty long enough (as pretty much every pattern that I have run across thus far are).  However, the leggings did end up being a bit short on me, so I recommend taking this measurement before cutting in, and adding some length if needed.

I’m planning on making a couple more pairs of these in the next week or two, maybe in some fun colors!  I think I would also like a pair for PJ’s because they are just so comfy!

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As you might know, it is sometimes really hard for me to work on the little sewing and crafting tasks that come up.  This is Mike’s favorite sweater, and last year, he wore a little hole in the elbow.  Now, a year later, I finally sat down and patched it up.  By this time, the hole had grown a bit, so I decided to embrace it by making the patch cover the whole elbow, sort of like those men’s jackets with the heavy duty elbows on them.

Mike chose the fabric, a heavy-weight wool houndstooth, and I think the result is very nice.  I am thinking of sewing a patch on the other elbow, though.  It is getting a little worn as well, and that way they would both match.  I’m dreading it a little bit, though, because the patch was really a pain to sew on to the sleeve.  Have you ever tried to sew something on a sleeve that has already been finished?  Not fun.  It is a really hard spot to get to, and I had to rip it off a couple of times because I had managed to fold the sweater on itself and sew.  Luckily my machine has a little storage piece that comes off, so it makes the area much narrower and much easier to slide a sleeve on.  Maybe I should let my frustration die down a little before I attempt the other arm…Now on to the other 20 little projects I have to finish up!

Do you have trouble with the little projects?  Do you let them pile up, or do you tackle them as they come your way?

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