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Wrap top

Over the weekend I was looking for a quick project that I could post about, and ran across this free pattern by Megan Nielsen that I had bookmarked a few weeks ago.  I had some purple jersey fabric left over from another project, just enough to whip it up!

How I wish I had made this top months ago!  I love that it doesn’t matter how much bigger my belly grows, it will keep fitting!  That also means that it fits my rule for maternity clothes: I want to be able to wear it both before and after the baby is born with minimal altering.  It seems like such a waste to spend time making a top that, at this point, I could only wear for another 8 weeks!  Pardon me while I go and freak out for a minute…

As the date for baby’s arrival gets closer and closer, I am finding myself nesting more and more.  I spent the better part of the last two weekends cleaning, purging, and organizing.  It has helped that it is finally starting to feel like spring around here, and I can partially blame my frenzy on the “Spring Cleaning” bug.  Hmm, maybe this is how I freak out?

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As my belly gets bigger, I have less and less clothes that fit me.  Both buying and making maternity clothes seems like such a waste to me sometimes, since I will only be able to wear the clothes for a few short months.  Because of this, I have started planning clothing projects that I will be able to wear while pregnant, and also after I have the baby.

I found the free pattern for this top on Burda Style.  I like the loose-fitting style, and the fact that it is made with knit fabric instead of woven.  To accomodate my tummy, I added about 4 inches to the length of the top so that as I get further along, I will not be showing skin along the bottom.  After I give birth, I will likely bring the bottom hem up again.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily this project came together.  I was also happy with the fit.  There was only one size given with the pattern but I decided to go for it anyways, and it ended up fitting perfectly.  I also like that it hides the size of my belly a bit…at least when you are looking from the front.  I think I will end up making a couple more of these shirts because of how great the fit is.

On a side note, can you believe that I am wearing a tank outside in the winter!?  The weather here has been very mild.  I think someone must have heard my wish for less snow a couple months ago!

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I feel like I might be a little bit behind the times, as legging have been in style for quite a few months already.  Better late than never, though, right?  I found this great free pattern by Shelby Kaava via Burda Style.  The pattern was so easy to follow, and so quick to put together, that I was able to search for and purchase fabric, cut out pattern, and sew everything together in one evening.

One thing I regret not doing was measuring the length of my legs and comparing the measurement with the pattern. My legs are pretty short, so I just assumed that the pattern would be plenty long enough (as pretty much every pattern that I have run across thus far are).  However, the leggings did end up being a bit short on me, so I recommend taking this measurement before cutting in, and adding some length if needed.

I’m planning on making a couple more pairs of these in the next week or two, maybe in some fun colors!  I think I would also like a pair for PJ’s because they are just so comfy!

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Hello!  I was thinking this morning after reading a comment left by Pink Tulip about not being as far along in making clothes as she would like.  I can really relate to that…I have definitely not sewn as many items as I would have liked so far this season.  Autumn is fast approaching, and I can feel the cold weather on the way, but I have nothing to wear!  I decided that I would put together all the items that I would like to make for myself this season.  I have chosen pictures that most closely represent what I would like to make, though of course I will be making my own stylistic changes to each item as I go along.  If you are having trouble getting started on making your own clothes, I feel your pain!  Take a small step towards building your wardrobe by scouring the internet and patterns at a fabric store to prioritize what you want to make for yourself.

  1. Shirt  dress – Eek!  I can’t find a reference for this dress…anyone recognize it? – In progress
  2. Bold Bag, Anthro, sold out
  3. Chuncky  Asymetrical Necklace, Anthro
  4. Pleated feminine Tunic, Anthro
  5. Long sweater, Anthro, sold out
  6. Jersey dress, JCrew
  7. Colorful, metallic scarf, Anthro
  8. Pencil skirt, Anthro, sold out
  9. Delicate necklace, JCrew
  10. Skinny Jeans Anthro, sold out
  11. Bold dress, AnthroDone!
  12. Striped Jersey Scarf, JCrew

I am noticing a lack of warm clothing.  I think I might have to make a blazer or two to layer over all these things.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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I spent this weekend working on a few projects.  However, I think I bit off a bit more than I could chew because I didn’t actually complete any of them.  I worked on canning some chutney-like plum sauce (I was sure to include some more of those Colorado peaches in it, of course).  I started making a fabric shade for the hideous florescent lights in my kitchen.  I worked on another grill tool carrier for a friend.  I put up some new curtain rods in hopes that I would soon get to making some curtains for my apartment (yes, we have been living without curtains for about 2 months now…it definately makes getting from the shower to the bedroom interesting…).  So yes, so many projects, so little time.

This brings us to this little post today.  Since I don’t have any finished projects to show you, I thought it would be a great chance to feature some of your projects that you have posted to the Flickr group!

This first top was made by Pink Tulip.  I think it is very flattering on her, and the fabric is lovely.  I like that this top is long sleeved, so its obviously good for the cool fall weather up ahead, but the colors could work for spring as well.

Photo Courtesy of PinkTulipZA

Photo Courtesy of PinkTulipZA

 This next piece is by Ginny Rae of Aunt GiGi’s Craft Corner.  She used an old 90’s pattern to make a jumper that is stylish for today.  I love her use of plaid…I have been seeing it around a lot lately.  Like Pink Tulip’s top, this dress can be worn in other seasons too, depending on whether you layer it or wear it on its own.

Photo Courtesy of Ginny Rae

Photo Courtesy of Ginny Rae

 This last top is by April Rhodes of Sew to Speak.  I absolutely love the neckline on this tops…it is so unique!  Again, I could see this working for autumn with a long sleeved shirt underneath, or a blazer, and I could see it working for spring/summer on its own.

Photo Courtesy of April Rhodes
Photo Courtesy of April Rhodes

Great job on your lovely work, ladies!  I really enjoy seeing your projects.  If any more of you are interested in participating, just join our Flickr Group!  This edition of Build Your Wardrobe will be running through November!

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Thanks everyone for your get well wishes…I am doing better!  Here is a necklace that I have been working on.  The acorn necklace I made last week turned out so well, that I thought I would try another style.  Hmm.  This necklace did not turn out the way I thought it would.  I tried to make it twist around itself where all the stones are, but whenever I pick it up, it untwists.  Grr.  I’m not really sure what to do about that.

I’m actually not sure that I like how it looks, even if I was to figure out the twists.  I was going for a kinda chunky look, which I think I did achieve, but now I’m not so sure I like chunky.  What do you think?  Is it worth figuring out how to make it stay twisted?  I could always just use the beads for something else.

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With Build Your Wardrobe, Autumn 2009 up and running, and thoughts of cooler weather on my mind, I put together this little acorn necklace.  At our new place, we have about 10 oak trees right outside our back door, and they have been dropping acorns like crazy.  I have been gathering them for some crafting, and I thought this necklace was the perfect project for them.  This necklace has been in my head since last autumn actually, though I missed the acorn “season” and there weren’t any where I used to live.

To make it, I got some inexpensive wooden beads and used a dark wood stain to paint them brown.  I drilled a hole in the acorn caps with a small drill bit.  I then made the acorns with some gold beading wire, some amber colored glass beads, and an acorn cap.  This necklace has  5 acorns on it, but I’m not sure I am going to keep that many on there.  I might only leave 1 on and have it be more like a pendant necklace.

I am planning on putting a couple of these necklaces in my Etsy store in the next week, in case anyone is interested in having one, but doesn’t have an oak tree on hand.

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