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Wooden Turtle Teething Ring

About a month ago, I wrote about Mike’s new woodworking hobby.  Well, he finally got the saw he had been eyeing and made his first project…a colaboration between the two of us.  And I have to say, this is probably the best first project that I have ever seen!  He did such a great job, smoothing the edges to make it safe for baby mouth contact, and shaping the whole thing perfectly.

So what is it?  Its a teething ring!  Made out of untreated oak and finished with walnut oil.

Turtle Teething Ring

  • 5″ square 1/4 inch untreated wood
  • walnut oil
  • turtle teething ring pattern
  • scroll saw (if you don’t have one, you may be able to borrow or rent one)
  • drill
  • sandpaper in medium, fine, and superfine
  • tacky cloth
  • old towel
  1. Cut out pattern and trace with a pencil onto wood.
  2. Using your saw, cut around the turtle.  Take your time!  And use safety precautions (ie. goggles, gloves, etc.)
  3. To cut the middle out, drill a hole in the center.  Unplug your saw, insert the blade into the whole and attach the blade properly to your saw, and plug it back in. 
  4. Cut around the circle.  Unplug saw, remove blade and toy.
  5. Starting with the coarsest sandpaper, sand the toy fixing any small mistakes, and rounding all the edges.  Work your way to the superfine sandpaper, making sure the whole toy is smooth.  Keep an eye out for rough or pointy edges, and smooth them down.
  6. Use the tacky cloth to remove all the fine dust covering the toy.
  7. Take the towel and dip in some walnut oil.  Smooth oil evenly over the surface of the toy.  Wait 20 minutes, then repeat.  Repeat applying oil until the turtle is well oiled (it may need more coats as it gets used by your little one).

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Spool Holder

Spool Holder

Sorry everyone for a my few days of silence.  Today I wanted to share with you Mike’s first woodworking project for the year…a spool holder!  I was having trouble managing all my huge spools of yarn for the different weaving projects I’ve got going on.  There is a lot of unwinding that I have to do when I’m first setting up the loom for a project, and I was always scrambling to find something that I could put the spools on that would allow the yarn to come off the spool easily. 

To make the spool holder, Mike found some good, solid wood at Home Depot in their scrap bin.  If you ever are working on a small project, check the bin first (Mike got this piece of wood for less than $1)!  He sanded the wood down and softened the edges so that I wouldn’t get any splinters.  This really brought out the beautiful grain of the wood. 

Unfortunately I didn’t think to take any pictures of what is actually holding the spools up!  They are 3 strong dowels, each about 5″-6″ long.  Mike drilled three holes in the wood the same diameter of the dowels and then inserted the dowels with some wood glue to keep them in place.

I got a chance to use this over the weekend, and it works beautifully!  No more trying to put the spools on our curtain rod!

Spool Holder

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Today is my dude’s birthday, and what better way to start than early morning pancakes, coffee, and of course presents before work?? 

I am not the only crafty one in my family.  Mike is crafty in all sorts of ways, but lately he has been talking a lot about woodworking and making toys for our little one.  I got him the Complete Manual of Woodworking, and Making Toys that Teach to get him started.  The Complete Manual has a great section on hand tools, which is why I settled on this book over the many others about Woodworking.  We don’t have lots of money to buy all the power tools that some people use.  Making Toys that Teach has some great beginner’s projects that will be great for a baby/toddler.

I love the idea of our baby enjoying toys that Mike and I made.  And, I am even more happy that Mike will enjoy making the toys.  Our little one will be born to a great father who is already in love with her.  Happy Birthday Dude!

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