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A second attempt at stamps for my sister’s save-the-dates…(hmm.  I’m sensing a theme…).  Anyways, the first save-the-date stamp was not as sucessful as I had hoped.  I had trouble with both the stamp itself and the ink.  Well, after searching for about a week I finally found some ink that I could use.  It is a full pad, instead of the tiny one I had before, with actual ink, instead of some chalk stuff, and it is the right color.  Yay!!

I also found my craft knife (also after about a week of searching), so I attempted to cut the stamp a second time.  I definately think this stamp turned out better than the first.  I was very careful to avoid having pin holes around the image by cutting a little wider than before.  There are definately less rough edges, though there are still a few.

On the one hand I sort of like the rough edges because it doesn’t look too perfect.  On the other hand, I am not sure I want to keep them because it doesn’t look perfect enough.  I  think there is a fine line here, and I’m not sure which side of it I am on.  What do you think?  Do the rough edges add character, or does it just look messy??


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