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As my belly gets bigger, I have less and less clothes that fit me.  Both buying and making maternity clothes seems like such a waste to me sometimes, since I will only be able to wear the clothes for a few short months.  Because of this, I have started planning clothing projects that I will be able to wear while pregnant, and also after I have the baby.

I found the free pattern for this top on Burda Style.  I like the loose-fitting style, and the fact that it is made with knit fabric instead of woven.  To accomodate my tummy, I added about 4 inches to the length of the top so that as I get further along, I will not be showing skin along the bottom.  After I give birth, I will likely bring the bottom hem up again.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily this project came together.  I was also happy with the fit.  There was only one size given with the pattern but I decided to go for it anyways, and it ended up fitting perfectly.  I also like that it hides the size of my belly a bit…at least when you are looking from the front.  I think I will end up making a couple more of these shirts because of how great the fit is.

On a side note, can you believe that I am wearing a tank outside in the winter!?  The weather here has been very mild.  I think someone must have heard my wish for less snow a couple months ago!


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This year I participated in Sew Liberated’s Holiday Traditions Exchange.  I know that my partner recieved her package, so I can post about this ornament that I made.  It is inspired by an ornament that I loved growing up.  I think I liked it so much because it was so delicate and detailed, which I tried to duplicate with some success.

To make the butterfly, I started with some plain red fabric and embroidered it with many colors of thread.  I then cut around the embroidery in the shape of a butterfly, and cut a second piece of the red fabric to go on the back.  I stitched the two sides together with some orange embroidery floss, and stuffed the ornament with some bamboo stuffing.  I made the little tassle on the bottom with some more embroidery floss.  Finally, I attached a gold thread to outline the butterfly.  It is stitched on with orange embroidery floss as well.

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First off, I want to say thank you to all of your sweet comments about my news.  I am so lucky to have you all!

This weekend I finally completed the task that has been hanging over my head since we moved…I finally made curtains!!  Like most projects I tackle, this went fairly smoothly, and the hardest part was actually starting it.  I don’t know why, but I always have trouble getting started on a project (oh, and I guess I also have trouble finishing them…). 

Luckily, a friend of mine needed to make curtains as well, so we jumped into the project together.  This time it was easy for me to finish because my family arrives for Thanksgiving today!  I am so happy to have a “completed” living room and dining room for them to hang out in (I say “completed” because it seems there is always something to change or improve on, and it is always hard for me to be satisfied with things, but this is the best it has been yet!).

Another project Mike took care of this weekend was painting all our side tables black, to match the strip of black fabric on the curtains.  I think this really tied everything together nicely.

I hope all of you enjoy the holiday this week…spend lots of time with your family and eat as much as you can!

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I feel like I might be a little bit behind the times, as legging have been in style for quite a few months already.  Better late than never, though, right?  I found this great free pattern by Shelby Kaava via Burda Style.  The pattern was so easy to follow, and so quick to put together, that I was able to search for and purchase fabric, cut out pattern, and sew everything together in one evening.

One thing I regret not doing was measuring the length of my legs and comparing the measurement with the pattern. My legs are pretty short, so I just assumed that the pattern would be plenty long enough (as pretty much every pattern that I have run across thus far are).  However, the leggings did end up being a bit short on me, so I recommend taking this measurement before cutting in, and adding some length if needed.

I’m planning on making a couple more pairs of these in the next week or two, maybe in some fun colors!  I think I would also like a pair for PJ’s because they are just so comfy!

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Upholstered Chair Detail

I used the rest of this week to finish up that upholstered chair I was working on over the weekend, and it looks amazing!  I love the fabric, and it goes so much better in the room!  The living room now has the grey loveseat that I recovered a while back, and three yellow chairs.  I feel like I am getting closer and closer to having this place just right.

Next on my list is to make pillow cases to cover some bright red pillows I currently have on the loveseat.  Now that I have recovered this red chair in yellow, I don’t think the pillows go with the room anymore.

Upholstered Chair

When I think back on the two upholstering projects I have worked on, I realize that maybe I should have started with this one instead of the loveseat.  This project went so smoothly, as the upholstery is very simple and basically a “slipcover” to begin with, so there was no stapling, hammering, or changing padding involved.  If you ever consider re-upholstering any of your furniture, I recommend starting with something small and basic, it will help boost your confidence for your bigger projects!

Have you ever done any re-upholstering?  What was your experience like?  Did you start by dipping your pinky toe in the water, or did you dive in head first?

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More upholstery

After feeling sick this week, I decided to take it a bit easy on the weekend. I did get some stuff done, though! I was able to work on reupholstering a chair that I have had for a long time, that needed a little face lift. I am still in the process of decorating our new place, and the colors in this fabric go much better with the other furniture in the room (the chair used to be red). This project is going much more smoothly than the sofa I recovered this summer…it is much smaller and much less complicated! As you can see, I have yet to sew all the pieces together, but my guess is that it will take very little time to finish this up.

What did you do this weekend…did you enjoy any Halloween festivities? Are you happy to be done with October and on to November?

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As you might know, it is sometimes really hard for me to work on the little sewing and crafting tasks that come up.  This is Mike’s favorite sweater, and last year, he wore a little hole in the elbow.  Now, a year later, I finally sat down and patched it up.  By this time, the hole had grown a bit, so I decided to embrace it by making the patch cover the whole elbow, sort of like those men’s jackets with the heavy duty elbows on them.

Mike chose the fabric, a heavy-weight wool houndstooth, and I think the result is very nice.  I am thinking of sewing a patch on the other elbow, though.  It is getting a little worn as well, and that way they would both match.  I’m dreading it a little bit, though, because the patch was really a pain to sew on to the sleeve.  Have you ever tried to sew something on a sleeve that has already been finished?  Not fun.  It is a really hard spot to get to, and I had to rip it off a couple of times because I had managed to fold the sweater on itself and sew.  Luckily my machine has a little storage piece that comes off, so it makes the area much narrower and much easier to slide a sleeve on.  Maybe I should let my frustration die down a little before I attempt the other arm…Now on to the other 20 little projects I have to finish up!

Do you have trouble with the little projects?  Do you let them pile up, or do you tackle them as they come your way?

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